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We groom CATS also. Please contact Jennifer with any questions.

Paws and Reflect’s staff are dedicated to the safety and well-being of your loved one. We use praise and positive reinforcement with a gentle touch in a caring environment.

We make sure that your pets needs are met while they are in our care. We use only the highest quality, all-natural pet shampoos, moisturizers and conditioners that are especially formulated to meet your pets needs. All products are PH balanced for your pets sensitive skin; no harsh detergents to dry out your pets skin or coat.

Paws and Reflect is staffed with knowledgeable, talented,and educated pet groomers, who are also animal owners and lovers. Paws and Reflect offers others the service we want our own animals to experience. With focus on pet safety and relaxation, our sanitary, sophisticated salon sets the standard for grooming.

Our open-door-policy is what it means. All grooming is done in the front area where everyone can watch and feel comfortable that their pet is getting professional, loving care. Although we schedule dogs by appointment, we are booked sometimes weeks in advance. From start to finish, a pet grooming lasts from one to three hours depending on which services are being provided and size, condition of your pets coat. In our experience, our customers can relax more, knowing they don’t have to leave their pet with us all day. And if you want to pop in and check on your dog feel free, also feel free to hang out while your pet is being groomed.

When your pet is ready we’ll call you so you can pick them up as soon as their grooming is completed. To guarantee the highest quality, we also limit the number of pets each groomer services in a day.
From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, we want to make sure that you and your pet enjoy your experience at Paws and Reflect . “We groom the most important pets in Sioux falls…… Yours!”

Fleas: Flea preventive is highly recommended, and we encourage Frontline Plus be applied at least 48 hours prior or after your pets grooming service.

Visit our advice section for more info on fleas.

Hours - By appointment only
Please ask for special accommodations.
Please call ahead for all walk-in services.
Monday: 8:30 - final pickup
Tuesday: 8:30 - final pickup
Wednesday: 8:30 - final pickup
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 8:30 - final pickup
Saturday: 8:30 - final pickup
Sunday: Closed